Amana Colonies Gravel Bike Route

The first Amana Colonies Gravel Bike Routes are ready for use. The routes each begin in Middle Amana, separating into Route A going to High Amana and Route B going to West Amana. While on the gravel routes, the riders will experience historical points of interest in Middle, High and West Amana.

Route A begins in Middle Amana at the entrance to the Amana Colonies Golf Course and takes riders on a scenic gravel route through native hardwood timberland to High Amana. This route is moderately easy and approximately a 7 mile round trip. High Amana features the historic High Amana General Store and the Amana Art’s Guild.

Route B also begins in Middle Amana at the entrance to the Amana Colonies Golf Course, riders will travel to West Amana rather than High Amana. This route is more challenging and approximately a 17 mile round trip. West Amana features Iowa’s Largest Walnut Rocking Chair, Basket and Broom Shop, Opa’s Tractor Museum, Michele Maring Miller Studio and Gallery, and the landscape that inspired Grant Wood to paint his famous Young Corn.

For a map and list of attractions on the Amana Colonies Gravel Bike Routes, visit the Amana Colonies Visitors Center. We also have these links that will provide a map:

Bike Route 1

Bike Route 2

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