Amana Heritage Society

The Amana Heritage Society maintains a group of arts-and-culture museums that display and interpret artifacts and photos of the history of the Amana Colonies. The Amana Heritage Museum is comprised of three 19th Century buildings, set in spacious grounds.

The Noé House, built in 1864, was originally a communal kitchen and later a doctor’s residence. Recently updated exhibits in the Noé House trace the history and development of Amana, include stories about Amana residents, and display the varied crafts and industries of the Inspirationists. Temporary exhibits and special programs focus on particular aspects of Amana’s culture. The Schoolhouse was built in 1870. An audio visual presentation on Amana’s history is shown regularly in the Schoolhouse auditorium.

The original washhouse/woodshed, an integral part of communal Amana, houses wine-making and gardening displays. With an intact communal-era kitchen, cooper shop, blacksmith shop, a well-preserved church museum, a research library for scholars and a working General Store, we preserve and make available to the public all aspects of Amana’s history.

We also have a museum bookstore that has many great books for both adults and children on topics ranging from Amana history to cooking and knitting. Check out our virtual bookstore here.

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